A Few Thoughts About the iPhone 11

Recently, I got a (much needed) phone upgrade. For over three years I had the LG G5 — a phone most people probably never heard of. Before that I had the iPhone 5c, which was my first experience with Apple.

True Story | The Christmas Tree

What if I told you Christmas is my favorite holiday? I know; it’s nothing ground-breaking. Many people have it as their favorite holiday. But maybe you’re wondering why now? Why all this Christmas talk in late January?

Sharing a Classic | RCT

Growing up I went to a Catholic grade school.  I was a clown.  Not the face paint type.  The class clown type.  Class clowns generally are formed to mask something.  This was true for me. I don’t mind admitting it now, but back then forget it. Despite being silly, I was no joke when it came to building theme parks. #Foreshadowing

Killing Lincoln — Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard

I’ve read a handful of Bill O’Reilly’s Killing series books, with Killing Lincoln being the latest.  Previously, I’ve read and posted about Killing England and Killing the Rising Sun.  Killing Lincoln takes place during the last weeks of Abraham Lincoln’s life, and the mindset of a madman named John Wilkes Booth.

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